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“I have been coming for about 6 months and so far I’ve lost 40 pounds and counting! Thank you Rich!”

-Prady S. 

“I have tried a few different gyms and personal trainers in the past and no one has kept me going to the gym as long as Rich has. He is so motivating and patient. He really cares about you and customizes the workouts to each of his clients individual needs. I have limitations and he knows how to help me work around them and yet still get the full proper workout I need. He makes working out fun, yes I said fun! I never thought I would say that I look forward to going to the gym to workout. I’m exhausted from work, yet I still go. My body has transformed and I feel great! It’s all because of Rich. Thank you Rich!”

-Rose R. 

“I have been a member since February 2016, I have lost 22lbs so far. I get a great workout that is within my abilities at 61 years old. Met great new friends working towards the same goals, weight loss and improved health. Rich Purslow is my personal trainer who is a professional and inspires all he trains. Five star operation that gets results.”

-John B. 

“Rich is the best trainer I have ever worked with. In only one month he was able to get me bikini body ready for the Miss New York USA Pageant. If it wasn’t for his dedication to my training I wouldn’t have looked or felt as good as I did on the runway. Thank you for helping me reach my fitness goals, I can only improve from here!”

-Liz K.

“I found out about WLIC while going for physical therapy for a hip surgery I had in December 2015. I am a new nurse and knew I would not be able to endure the 12.5 hour shifts with my recent injury. Rich is an amazing trainer who works with me and my limitations, and pushes me to my full potential. Rich has taught me how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and stay motivated. Without Rich and Butch I would not be at the level I am today. I am forever grateful for WLIC, and wish I started sooner!”

Alexandra B.

“I was introduced to Rich and everyone else at WLIC while receiving physical therapy for an ankle surgery I underwent in March of 2015. I had always been active when I was younger and participated in sports throughout high school, however, I had completely fallen out of those habits and was most certainly in the worst shape of my life. Nothing made me want to get up and move more than being told I was not allowed to do so much as stand for over a month. I had seen Rich working with his weight loss clients during my time in physical therapy and could not wait to get moving when I was finally cleared to walk without crutches or a boot in June. It takes a lot for me to feel comfortable with anyone, let alone to tell them my biggest insecurities, but Rich made my weight loss experience a journey that I never would have imagined it to be. He helped me ease back into normal workouts while also taking into consideration my limitations from surgery and assisting me to continue to regain the strength that I had lost. Through setting both long-term and short-term goals and continuously changing up my exercises I have now lost over 40 lbs, countless inches and gained more confidence than I could have imagined. While I still have a great deal of work to do to achieve the rest of my goals there is nowhere that I can imagine working to achieve them than at WLIC Long Island. If it were not for the endless amounts of support and encouragement (including random text messages to check in on my eating and general well-being) there is no way that I would be where I am today. I am extremely grateful to Rich and the rest of the staff for not only facilitating this journey but for making it the most positive experience it could possibly be. Rich is not only my trainer but he has become a great friend and someone that I can always count on to push me to my fullest potential. I look forward to continuing to crush our goals and all of the hard work and laughs that come along the way.”

Michelle R.

“To Butch and Rich at Weight Loss Intervention Center Of Long Island thank you both for being very patient and caring. Your tremendous support means the world to me. You showed me that despite me being in a wheelchair I can still live my life and take care of myself. Butch always make sure i’m safe and motivated. He was able to get me up and walking around the facility in my braces even though no one thought it would be possible. Rich makes me realize that it doesn’t matter that I’m in a wheelchair because as long as I do the workout they design for me then the weight will come off. Even on my worst days the encouraging words from the staff and patients allow me to never give up. Since starting in January I went from a size 20 pants to a size 14 and I have never felt better. I will continue sticking with the weight loss program and this great facility. I highly recommend it.”

-Teresa G.

“I began working with Rich in February 2014. My goal was to improve my score on The Marine Physical Fitness Test for Officer Candidate School. After only 10 months my score not only improved, but Rich helped me max out my overall score. During this time Rich was in contact with me any time I needed him, giving me the motivational support and information I needed to get the job done. I am being taken very seriously in the Officer Candidate Selection process and will most likely gain an aviation contract because of all his help. Rich is hard working an a good friend; I couldn’t ask for a better trainer.”

Wes H.

“Some programs make it feel like you can never make it to the finish line. At the Weight loss Intervention center of Long Island their trainers take all your physical disabilities into consideration and create a plan that really works and gets you to your end goal. You feel like you are exercising at home with friends. This place makes weight loss fun and you get real results that last without all the stress. I have tried so many other weight loss programs and gyms but none have given me what the Weight loss Intervention center of Long Island has. They make you feel like family and there generally concerned about your health and well being. Everyone needs to try this place or your missing out.”

-Josephine C.

“I never thought I would be able to do it and have tried many times on my own but with the help of the Weight Loss Intervention Center of Long Island I was able to reach my 50 lb milestone!

-Dan F.

“The Weight Loss Intervention Center of Long Island is a great place to exercise and focus on weight loss. It is a caring and friendly atmosphere where your individualized program is monitored by Butch Purslow, and under the watchful eye of certified physical trainer Richard Purslow. It is a small group of dedicated people working together for a common goal-not like those big gyms where you feel like a lost soul. If you hit a stumbling block they are there to assist you and help you get through it. I have had great success with this program losing 50lb so far. If you want a place to have fun exercising and get weight loss results – this is the place to do it!!”

-Barbara F.

“I have been with Weight Loss Intervention Center for a year now, and it has been one of the best years of my life. I’ve lost 73 lbs and went from almost being a size 24 to being able to fit into a size 10! I’m more confident now, and in general I just feel better in my own skin. WLIC has given me a whole new outlook on life and I can’t begin to thank them enough for it! I’ve been on and off diets since the age of 9 and nothing ever seemed to work; I’d hit that wall (the one I’m sure many of us have hit) and say “forget it just give me the chocolate”. At WLIC when I hit that wall, I had the love and support of everyone around me, and Butch worked with me to figure out why I was stuck, and together we were able to work past it. If it weren’t for them I would have probably gone back to eating a box full of donuts.

The great thing about WLIC is that not only do they help train you on how to work out and how you should be eating, but they listen to you, REALLY listen to you, about how you feel and what’s going on in your life, and they truly care. And it’s not just Butch or Rich giving support when you need it (and they give you all the help you need), but everyone there who’s trying to get healthier. As we work out together we talk about our week/day, our success, and our pit falls (like office cupcake parties :/), and we help each other out, by giving each other words of encouragement, even a hug if one is needed. I consider the people at WLIC family, they have become such an intrinsic part of my life, and I know if it weren’t for the love, kindness, and support that they give on a daily basis I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have. I am so grateful to them; they have given me a part of my life back that I hadn’t even realized I had lost.

Investing the time and money in myself with WLIC has been the best financial and personal decision I have ever made! It is 110% worth it! And if I had to do it again, I would in a heartbeat.”

-Danielle B.

I have been training with Rich Purslow and the extremely knowledgeable staff at The Weight Loss Intervention Center of Long Island. What makes WLIC of Long Island unique is their expertise in developing personalized training regimens that are sport specific. Regardless of the sport you play, WLIC will develop the perfect plan for you. As an All-Conference baseball player I have worked regularly with Rich Purslow. I will be playing college baseball next year and Rich is preparing me to play at the next level. Since I began training at WLIC just a few short months ago there has been an extremely noticeable change in my strength and endurance. The physical results have been very obvious as well. If you are looking for a trainer that takes a personal interest in you as well as your athletic goals, Rich Purslow is the one person I would strongly recommend.

-Sean C.